Dj Dex
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Is founder and manager of the labels D-Form & Tranced Out and recently became manager of Toxic Records & Pounder. These labels also reflect his musical style : Progressive trance, Hardtrance, Harstyle, 'easy to swallow' techno, Techno-club, Jump and the occasional banging groove track.

While the labels were growing he got more and more bookings, allowing him to play parties all over Belgium and to become a regular visitor in The Netherlands (clubs like Tropicana, x-lipse) & France (clubs like Duplex, Kes West, Tremplin, Excalibur) for guest sets and live acts.

In the meantime, Dex has also started producing. Co-productions with Daniël Moerenhout, Peter Luts, Kobbe, DJ Voenk and of course Dimitri Dewever resulted in various releases on Toxic & D-Form. Floorfillers such as 'C-bird', 'God has left the house' and of course 'Inhale/Exhale' conquered clubs worldwide and were compiled all over.



DJ Dex - Mayhem Ep (Toxic 008)

DJ Dex - Inhale/Exhale (Toxic 010)

Delta Vs Dj Dex - C-Bird (Toxic 012)

Delta Vs Dj Dex - Buster Freestyle (Toxic 014)

Delta Vs Dj Dex - Robotik Ep (Toxic 016)

Delta Vs DJ Dex - Dizzy Mud Ep (Toxic 018)

Delta Vs Dj Dex - Bütchen Ep (Toxic 021)

Delta Vs Dj Dex - Jack Shit Ep (Toxic 023)

Waxattack - Heartattck (Pounder 04)

Waxattack - Feel the drumz (Pounder 010)

Delinquents - Uppercut (D-Form 011)

Delinquents - MF Ep (D-Form 012)

Delinquents - On Dope Ep (D-Form 013)

DJ Voenk vs Dj Dex - Cirque Ep (D-form 015)

Delinquents - Tin Tin Kaputt Ep (D-form 020)


Dave McCullen - Bitch (Delinquents Remix) (Outlaw Tunes)

Voltage Club - Lasermodulator (Delta vs DJ Dex Remix) (Toxic 024)

DJ Glenn - I love you (Delta vs Dj Dex Remix) (Toxic 011)

General Roban - Sunday Freaks (Delta vs DJ Dex remix (Omnisounds)

DJ Zé Mig.L - Drunk Chicken (DJ Glenn vs DJ Dex Powerpunch remix) (Toxic 013)

Robert Armani - Armani Trax (DJ Glenn vs DJ Dex Powerpunch remix) (Toxic 009)

Skytrapper - Pigs Ep (Toxic 017)

Pump Trax - Loaded (D-Form 009)



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