Danny Casseau
Contact: info@dannycasseau.com Website: www.dannycasseau.com

Danny Casseau joined Big Time International in September 1993 with his first TRAX-X-release on Reload: Molecule 66. But before it came to this, Danny had came a long way....

In 1983 Danny was into new wave and punk music, but he soon got interested in industrial dance music. He started experimenting with a 2 track recorder, recording all sorts of sounds at metrostations and in the city traffic jams. He also experimented with atmospheric percussion sounds and industrial noises like recording drills and diggers. He started combining these sounds with his first drum machine (as many as 4 sounds available!). He also bought his first guitar and a drumkit and got into speed metal & rap music. The least you can say is that the young Danny Casseau could draw from a wide range of musical styles...

During the period 1987-1988 Danny's life was thoroughly changed by the Acidhouse -craze. He bought his first sampling machine (memory: 1 second!) and started to experiment with dance music soon buying newer & more professional equipment.

In 1992 Danny worked with Pure Dance, releasing his first record the now classic Slam Trax, he also started recording for Bonzai Records.

In 1993 he joined Big Time International, becoming one of their hardest working artists, he already released a whole string of projects on Reload (Trax-X, Atom-X) as well as on Nitric and 21st Century. A track from Atom-X's Proton 99 e.p. was also used for the publicity for Party Zone on MTV that was played several times a day!

In the meantime, Danny has moved into progressive and minimalistic acid and techno. Danny also started working for Frank Van Brussel (manager of Future Frontier, Subsounds, Minimalistix, Future Galactic) under the name of Dj Argonic: lots of releases followed.

Recently, Danny started releasing under his real name Danny Casseau to avoid confusion with all those other projects.

The days of Punk are far away now... and after several years of producing for numerous labels, Danny Casseau joined forces with Dj Chich in deciding that it was time to found their own label "Blackpitchmusic". The first release on BPM was the "Indiram Ep" by Danny Casseau & Chich.

Danny's also DJ's nowadays at all sorts of parties & clubs in Belgium and abroad.

Origin : Belgium
Style : Techno, Progressive techno,...
Experience : DJ sets with international artistes (The Advent, Adam Beyer, Joey Beltram, Umek, Dave Clarke, Steve Rachmad, SpeedyJ, Rush, Marco Remus, Dave Angel, Miss Djax,...)
Places : Belgium : Fuse, Montini, Cherrymoon, N-Joy, Silo, ...
Canada (Montreal), USA (New-York), Re-load party @ Love Parade, France (almost every club!), Portugal, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg,... to much to mention!!!!!!!!!!!


Danny Casseau –  MB-Electronics 16
New track on Pornographics (Label of Marco Bailey)
BPM 4 
Danny Casseau - From analog to digital (Session 16)
Danny Casseau - Allstars (Invasion 30)
Danny Casseau vs Dj Chich -Machine e.p. (blackpitchmusic 3)
Danny Casseau vs Dj Chich -Hypnotic e.p. (blackpitchmusic 2)
Danny Casseau vs Dj Chich - Indiram e.p. (blackpitchmusic 1)
Danny Casseau - Assault Ep (Invasion)
Danny Casseau - Invasion Ep (Subsounds 024)
Danny Casseau - Smash Ep (Subsounds 022)
Danny Casseau - Spludder Ep (Subsounds 021)
Danny Casseau - Da Funk (Future Frontier 020)
DJ Argonic vs Marco Bailey -  Pusterk Ep (Subsounds 018)
DJ Argonic - Carnage Ep (Subsounds 015)
Dj Argonic - Verf Ep (Subsounds 013)
DJ Argonic - [No Title] (Subsounds 007)
DJ Argonic vs. Dj Chich - Pulse Ep (Subsounds 005)
DJ Argonic vs. Dexter W. - Filtox Ep (Minimalistix 005)
DJ Argonic - ruof (Future Galactic 04)
Dj Argonic - owt (Future Galactic 02)
DJ Argonic - Valdorf Ep (Future Frontier 016)
Dj Argonic - Drop (Future Frontier 015)
DJ Argonic - Vogel Ep (Future Frontier 013)
DJ Argonic - Black Orange Ep (Future Frontier 012)
DJ Argonic - Cinogra (album) (Future Frontier 010)
DJ Argonic - Smutlok Ep (Future Frontier 09)
DJ Argonic - [No Title] (Future Frontier 07)
DJ Argonic - [No Title] (Future Frontier 05)
DJ Argonic - [No Title] (Future Frontier 02)
DJ Argonic - Another day in glass (Focus Rec. 03)
GF vs Argonic - Formant EP (KK-Trax)
Force Field 3
Force Field 2
Force Field 1
Audio Illussion UK (Argonic vs Atom-X)
Tecmics 03
Tri-O4 (Distortion) (with Jan Vervloet)
10 " with Zzino for the Accelerator album (Reload)
Trax-X Vs Atom-x - The Damned Screamin Devil E.P. (Reload)
Atom-x Vs Trax-x - The Holy Screamin Angel E.P (Reload)
Atom-X - Neutron 5 E.P. (Reload)
Atom-X - Electron E.P (Reload)
Atom-X - Bomber E.P. (Reload)
Trax-X - Molecule 66 (Reload)
Trax-X - Proton 99 (Reload)
Trax-X - Vectors (Reload)
Trax-X - Phunky (Reload)
Trax-X - Warping [album] (Reload)
Emtec (Reload)
Trax-X Vs Atom-x (Reload Ltd.)
Atom-X Vs Trax-X (Reload Ltd.)
Bis-Art - Wrong is right [Slam Trax rmx] (Pure Dance)
Slam Trax - Blow Acid (Pure Dance)
D-Trax (Pure Dance)
Pure Trax (Pure Dance)
UFO Trax (Pure Dance)
Dj Trax (Pure Dance)
Tri-o3 (Pure Dance) (with Jan Vervloet)
Slam Trax II (Pure Dance)
Cyber S (Nitric)
Cyber S II (Nitric)
Danger E.P. (Nitric) (with Jan Vervloet)
Defcon 5 (Nitric)
Remix - Noel Bright (Nitric)
The 5th Magnitude (Nitric)

And all those that i forgot :-)

Remixes : 

Remix for Space D.J.'s (Potential Records)
Remix for Laidback Luke (Subspace Rec)
Remix for Livesu (Subsounds 017)

Some Compilations : I love Techno, Electronic lessons I, Techno computer, Schranzwerk, Cherrymoon, La Goa, Club System, Illegal Techno 2000, Techno Nation2000, Dedicated Session 001, Montini, Reload (3 CDs), Modern Electronics Volume Two, Trancecore,...

Compilations in Japan, Germany, Austria, England, USA, Columbia,...



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