DJ Zé Mig.L
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DJ Ze MigL is one of Portugals busiest and most respected DJs/producer. He works with Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland, Minimalistix Rec. Belgium, Holtzpllaten Rec. Germany, Invasion Rec. Belgium, Reptile Rec. Canada, Toxic Records Belgium, Evil Forces Rec. Italy, Fined Rec. Portugal, Squeeze Rec. Portugal, World Music Rec. Portugal, Noize Rec. Portugal, Paradise Rec. Portugal, In.Tension rec. Portugal just to name a few!

Mig.L is "probably" the most active and internationally known Portuguese techno DJ/ producer, apart from The Advent, his underground activities have carried this great country's name to almost all corners of the world, but it is as dj that he comes at it's best. He Plays hard/ minimal/ ghetto/ Tribal Techno with groove. The intensity and Bpms, are constantly increasing throughout his set, in a way that there's never breaks, pauses or calmer bits to allow your body to rest. His much regarded Djing skills alow him to shape tracks almost like live remixing making them funkyier and more intense. He could briefly be described as a Very Creative  and improvising DJ that plays with his heart (and what a twisted one he has !!), having a very own characteristic style of mixing and music with top quality and astonishing speed ( that's why they call him MIG). He plays a very physical music style that makes it impossible for you to stop,... even if you want to.

He has played as DJ in events with the likes of :
Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Plastikman, Advent, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Adam Bayer, Marco Carola, Surgeon, Joel Mull, Oliver Ho, Mike Dearborn, Marco Bailey, Space Djz, DJ Rush, Mr. C, Green Velvet, UMEK, Planetary Assault Systems, Daz Sound, Trevor Rockliffe, Jim Masters, Gayle San, Darren Emerson, Eric Powell, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero, Dave Angel, Scan X, e.t.c......All other Big Portuguese Djs....

He has spinned in places like Holand, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Luxemburg, Germany, etc...


A small sampling of his 12" releases includes:

Squeeze Rec. Portugal 002 - DJ ZE MIG.L "BOOK ME EP."

Djax-up Beats Rec. Holland 281 - DJ ZE MIG.L "L's BELLs"

Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 011 - FARMMAN "EP. i EP. a"

Noise Rec. Portugal 001 - DJ Ze Mig.L "C-U-IN l EP"

World Music Rec. 009 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Loud As L EP"

Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 18- DJ Ze Mig.L "True 2 D Underground"

Paradise Rec. Portugal 006 - DJ Ze Mig.L "It's A-Live EP"

Minimalistix Rec. Belgium 21 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Chicago Gate Ep"

Reptile Rec. Canada 001 - DJ Ze Mig.L "The Glow Ep"

Invasion Rec. Belgium 013 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Wicked As L Ep"

Minimalistix Rec Belgium 23-DJ Ze Mig.L "Demented by Deception Ep"

Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland 331 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Happy Tribe Ep"

Djax-Up Beats Rec. Holland 341 - DJ Ze Mig.L "Shmakele Mekele Ep"

In.tension rec. Portugal 002 - Dj Ze MigL "Good In.Tensions EP"

Minimalistix rec. 28 Belgium - DJ Ze MigL"True Playaz EP"

Toxic Rec. Belgium 13 - DJ Ze MigL "Drunk Chicken Remixes"

Fined Rec. Portugal 001 Dj Ze MigL "Lusophonikz Ep"

Fined Rec. Portugal 002 Dj Ze MigL "crank' em Knobs EP"

Holtzplatten Rec. 61 Germany DJ Ze MigL "Colombia M' Encanta EP"

DJ Ze MigL "Hiccups Reworks" Toxic 19 Belgium

DJ Ze MigL "Daddy's Got Hits Vol 1" Minimalistix 32 Belgium

Various "Dead On Arrival Vol.1" Psychoshoxx 01 Germany

DJ Ze MigL "Daddy's Got Hits Vol 2" Minimalistix 33 Belgium

DJ Ze MigL "Daddy's Got Hits Vol 3" TBA Minimalistix Belgium

DJ Ze MigL "Daddy's Got Hits Vol 4" TBA Minimalistix Belgium

DJ Ze MigL " U-Nick EP" Minimalistix 35 Belgium

BE PT Connection - BlackPitch Musicing and 12"

Co-works :

Evil Forces rec. Italy 001

Evil Forces rec. Italy 002

Kombination Research rec. UK

Advent Reworks LP3

 Squeeze Rec. Portugal 10

World Music LP1 Portugal

Kaos Promo Sampler01

DJ BAM BAM FEAT ALEX PEACE Topaz 454 - Straight To Ya Dome

Dominik Eulberg - Ibsy Illitron Snipper 8 Germany

Countless licensings 4 Techno Compilations



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