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Releases with Solid Music

DF5504 Apostrophe   Birdie

DF5507 Gutter Culture  World War III

DF5510 Various  Kik Ep

DF5511 Delinquents  Uppercut

DF5512 Delinquents  M.F. Ep

DF5513 Delinquents   On dope Ep

DF5515 DJ Voenk Vs Dj Dex  Cirque Ep

DF5520 Delinquents   Tin Tin Kaputt Ep

FL3201 Filther Ed  One

FL3202 Filther Ed  Two  

FL3203 Filther Ed  Three

FL3204 Filther Ed  Four

FL3205 Filther Ed  Five

FL3206  Filther Ed  Six

MN6501 Flash Crash  Red Special Ep

MN6502 Baktrax  Wok Ep

MN6503  Apostrophe   Green Abuse Ep

MN6504 Baktrax  Brown Flavour Ep

MN6505 Argonic vs. Dexter W. Filtox Ep

MN6510 Dexter Watkinson  Freak System Vol 1

MN6525 Delta vs. Dexter W.  Freak System Vol 2

MN6534 Auralizer vs Dexter W. Shake Dat

PN5304 Wax Attack    Heart Attack

PN5310 Wax Attack  Feel the drumz

ST4306 Binary Inc  Kronos Canoli Ep

SU1501 Vortex   Neuroscope Ep

SU1503 Vortex   Nuclear Frustration Ep

SU1504 Vortex   -Untiteled-

SU1510 Vortex   Time Warp

SU1523 Auralizer vs Dexter W. Underground Construction Ep

SU1533 Various  Tunes From Beyond Vol 1

T1008  DJ Dex   Mayhem Ep

T1010  DJ Dex  Inhale / Exhale

T1012  Dj Dex   C-Bird

T1014  Delta vs DJ Dex  Buster Freestyle

T1016  Delta Vs Dj Dex   Robotik Ep  

T1018  Delta Vs DJ Dex   Dizzy Mud Ep

T1021  Delta Vs DJ Dex   B├╝tchen Ep

TR3522 Socrates  Socrates


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