Zé Mig.L Contact: djzemigl@mk2zone.com
Website: no website available
One of Portugals premier export products. Specialised in jacking pumping Chicago mayhem.
Releases with Solid Music

MN6511 Farmman Ep I Ep A

MN6518 DJ Z Mig L. True 2 D underground Ep

MN6521 DJ Z Mig.L Chicago Gate Ep

MN6523 DJ Z Mig.L Demented by Deception Ep

MN6528 DJ Z Mig. L True Playaz Ep

MN6532 DJ Z Mig.L Daddy’s got Hits Vol 1

MN6533 DJ Z Mig.L Daddy’s got Hits Vol 2

MN6535 DJ Z Mig.L U-nick Ep

MN6536 DJ Z Mig.L Daddy’s got Hits Vol 3

T1013 DJ Z Mig.L Drunk Chicken

T1019 DJ Z Mig.L Hiccups-reworkz


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