Dany Galo & Vincent Van Steenbeek Contact: larswulffen@gmx.net
Website: www.o8hotel.com
Since 1994 Vincent van Steenbeek aka John Delgado and Dany Gallo released about 130 titles and compiled many of them on Cds like Dance Opera, Top Hits, Thunderdome, Bass Box, Carat, Illusion, Baccardi’s, Serious Beats, La Villa, Natural Born Techno, Perlen 1, Jump 98, Jump 2000, Club X, Solid Sounds, Tuning Beats, Jump Best Of…
All the titles are written and produced in the studio o8hotel-music-production” wich is owned by Dany and Vincent. The different project names are the result of the versatility of Dany’s and Vincent’s musical influences.

Some titles from Voltage club and Klangwerk charted top 10 in the RTL Ultratop list and are real oldschool classics.
The Backdraft Filter ep was charted in Dave Clarke’s essential top 20 mix 2004 on BBC 1 London.
The Fish ep was charted top 5 by DJ Dave Angel.

Dany Gallo and Vincent played on major techno events alongside Joe Beltram, Steve Rachmad, Zzino, Blake Baxter, Marco Bailey, Trish van Eynde, Darren Price, Robert Armani, Gayle San, Christian Varela, Acid Junkies, Chris Liebing, Richard Bartz, Tim Taylor, Miss Djax……
Releases with Solid Music

FF2527 Backdraft Party Preacher Pt 1 of 2

FF2528 BackdraftParty Preacher Pt2 of 2

T1002 Voltage Club VVS Mania

T1003 Voltage Club White dope

T1004 Voltage Club Silent Six

T1005 Voltage Club Ask

T1007 Voltage ClubNo escapes

DF5506 Klangwerk Waterman

SS3003 Voltage Inc. Ask your mother

B4003 Klangwerk Fireman


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